Carp Diem, Every Damn Day

Sometimes life passes us by all to quickly. We’ve all heard the saying about stoping every once and a while to smell the roses; to take in and appreciate the good while we partake in this crazy race called life. I came across a different quote recently that struck a cord with me:

Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. ~Charles Richards

I’m a strong believer in the idea that we make of life what we want. Failure to use the resources (be they money, location, time or people) around us in order to follow our passions surely results in a life of malcontent.

At 23, after completing two degrees and playing out my university hockey eligibility I was displeased and annoyed by the prosperity of jobs and beginning “the real world” in Ontario. I realized I craved something other than beginning a 9-5 salaried career: adventure, culture, history and language. And that’s exactly why I chose to take a risk and move to France two months ago.

I have been using the quote by Richards as a sort of personal motto. In an effort to make each day count I have taken many day trips and explored many towns and cities in the vicinity of Geneva. But besides just travel, I am also here to work. Working as a nanny for this family has been an absolute pleasure. Besides getting to travel and explored myself, I also get to with the family and have adventures with the kids.

These past two weeks (the last week of school and the first week of summer) have seen numerous days filled with passion, adventure and fun: Prangins Castle – Nyon – Annecy – Paddleboat – Gondola Ride – Teaching Opportunities – Geneva – Geneva – Geneva – Ice Cream – Pasta – Speech Therapy Training – Bern – Goldfish – Yelling – Hugs – Bucket List – Goldfish #2 – Pool – Manual Labour – Wine – Wine -Wine – Bourge en Bress – Onnoyax – Packing – Dog Walks – Grottes de Vallorbe – Falling – Laughs

See below for many photos of the previously stated adventures 🙂

Also, how can I forget to mention that I leave in 12 hours for 4 weeks of traveling around Eastern Europe and Italy! The journey begins in Prague. Stay tuned for an update on our Czech -ian adventures!!




















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  1. Hey! So I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now, I wanted to follow some blogs of other au pairs and I found yours and I enjoy reading your posts! I really like the name of your blog! It’s so clever! I’m really jealous of you for getting to travel for four weeks all over Europe and Italy! Italy is amazing and I absolutely love it here and I’m sure you will too!

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