Hi Everyone
Thanks for taking out the time to see my blog. I am a student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and I’m writing this blog to document my senior year in college. In May 2011, my idea of my senior year and how it was going to play out, was completely taken from me, and now I have to somewhat reinvent the wheel. I was on the Women’s Hockey team at Wayne, but they cut our program due to state funding cuts. I’ve been playing hockey since I was 4, it’s been my life for 15 years, and now it’s all gone. In just a single moment, my world, and the world of my other 23 teammates, and 5 coaches were torn apart.
So here is to hoping that I will find new passions and find new renewal in my already existing passions. Peace, international affairs, psychology, community service, and helping others are a few of my strongest passions, and I look forward to starting a journey focused on pursuing my dreams.
I hope that you find joy in reading what I have to write – I know I’m going to enjoy documenting my final year.
Go in Peace and Love the World

Having fun in France

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Whoops, sorry ya’ll it’s been a while.  I should probably have a good excuse, but really, maybe this blog has become my new outlet to exercise my procrastinating skills now that I’m out of school. Since the last update a moderate amount of stuff has happened: a day at Vitam Parc (an indoor/outdoor water park) […]

The Adventure Begins – Prague

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After being postponed two months due to taking my current job in France and shorten due to time constraints, our Central Europe trip began in the Czech Republic instead of England. Mel had arrived in Berlin about 4 days before we planned to meet in Prague, from where our adventure together began. Prague is a […]

Trift Bridge 2

Getting Adventuresome in Interlaken

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From where I live in France I can’t go a day without a view of the Swiss Alps, even if I tried (although who would try to avoid seeing the Alps behind Lac Leman?!). Despite seeing the Alps from afar for 3 months, I hadn’t yet explored them with my feet. This all changed when […]

Zermatt Village

Zermatt & the Matterhorn

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There aren’t many things better than feeling the crisp cool air on your face while you step of the train that brought you up to 3000 meters to have a perfect view of the Matterhorn. If you’ve been to Switzerland, you know full well that the views are plentiful and stunning almost anywhere you go. […]

Week 1 in Yangon

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Our first week of In-Country Orientation (ICO) has come and gone. It was filled with logistical information, language and culture learning, and lots of delicious food.  Each day has been split in two: the morning is language and culture classes with Thu Thu, and the afternoon is spent with Cuso staff going over certain topics […]

Goodbye, Yangon 

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I’ve arrived in Mawlamyine, my final destination in Myanmar.  This will be my home for the next 7 months.  Last week was another week filled with language and culture learning, along with Cuso training and information.  With our language teacher, Thu Thu, we visited a large reclining Buddha and the People’s Park in Yangon.  Both […]


Croatia: Zagreb, Plitvice, Split & Hvar

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Ten days in Croatia allowed us to explore different areas of the country, including: the capital, Zagreb; the famous Plitvice National Parks; and the Dalmatian coastal city of Spit and Hvar Island. Each place offered unique food, views and excellent sightseeing. Personally, my favourite part of Croatia was our day spent at Plitvice. I am […]


Exploring the Rhone Region

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Hey there! Recently Mel visited for almost three weeks. We spent a great weekend in Chamonix snowboarding in the Alps. We also spent weekends in Gruyere and Bern in Switzerland and Annecy and Lyon in the Rhone region of France. We stayed in a small town near Chamonix, called Les Houches with very easy access […]


Colourful Marrakech

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I was so lucky to joing my host family on their Easter break vacations to Morocco!  We spent an amazing week enjoying the sun by the pool at our resort, getting lost in the sukes of the Medina and exploring the Atlas mountain and berber villages.  Below are a bunch of photos from our trip. […]

First Impressions

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After a 30+ hour trip from Kingston  via Ottawa, Boston & Doha, Qatar, I finally arrived in Yangon, Myanmar.  The flights all went smoothly, except for a lot of turbulence on the last lag from Qatar.   I’d highly recommend flying with Qatar Airlines – great service and amenities.  The Doha airport is a sight […]

Welcome to Jeepyah

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My first week working with Jeepyah went really well. Much like any other first week at a job there were introductions to co-workers, documents to read, and chats with supervisors about what to expect, along with a tour of the office. What may have deviated from this ‘typical’ western first week of work was the […]