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I’m a lover of mountains, used book stores and eating local foods.

I’ve been blogging on and off for about 5 years now of my travels and adventures. I started blogging my travels when I went to Liberia as a student researcher, and continued when I spent more than a year in France working as an au pair and travel around Europe.  I’ve also chronicled my time working in Myanmar.


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  1. Hello! I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. I hope you’ll appreciate it. Here is the link to the nomination – https://mytefladvertures.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/ive-been-nominated-for-the-liebster-award/

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  2. Have fun in France! I just finished up 7 months living here in Paris teaching English 🙂

  3. Hi Marlee!

    Thanks for checking out my blog last week. I’m really interested in hearing more about how you set up your fast-approaching au pair gig—it’s something I’m looking into doing in the next year or so. Did you use an agency? Find the family yourself or through a friend?

    1. Hi Cara! thanks for taking a look at my blog! I did not use an agency – I made a profile on aupair.com and began searching for families. The family I am working with actually found me on the site and we skyped a few times and then they offered me the position. It was a process of about 2 weeks from when I created my profile to when I accepted the offer. Very easy! Let me know if you want more information! i’d love to hear more about your experiences!

    1. Hey, I plan to be here for a year – but I’m already looking at ways to stay longer – internships or possibly teaching, etc. I love it here! where are you from?

      1. Yes! I want to do the same haha.. I think I will extend my trip once I get there. I’m from Nova Scotia, and unfortunately I have to go to Montreal for my appointment.. I don’t leave until August 20th so I still have a while but I’m going to book my flight this week. Did you get a return flight or just one way?

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