Beautiful Cuba

Mel and I landed back in chilly Ottawa after a four night vacation in Varadero. How to sum up our quick trip to beautiful Cuba? A little too much sun, a few too many mojitos and a lot of relaxation on the white-sandy beach.

The weather was gorgeous: sunny all day, no rain, and little clouds. And as a result, we came back tanned (burnt) and relaxed. We spent our three days breaking up our time reading on beach with swims in the ocean and sipping mojitos made with fresh mint.


When we needed a break from the heat, we’d return to our private balcony that offered us the perfect oasis of Palm trees, privacy and a nice breeze.


We had a great time on our much needed vacation from school and life. But now it’s back to exams for Mel and back to preparing my visa and other paperwork before heading off to France. But for now, we’re all smiles.

À la prochaine, bises.

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