A few months ago while waiting for these adventures in France to begin I wrote a “30 before 30” list of things I want to accomplish during my twenties.  Below is the list. I’m sharing with you guys so that hopefully I am pushed to do these things before I get old! Here we go:

Marlee’s 30 before 30 Bucket List

  1. Sky dive
  2. Swim at Victoria Falls
  3. Go on a Safari
  4. Live abroad for a year
  5. Climb part of one of the world’s seven summits
  6. Become completely bilingual (french)
  7. Cycle up the Col de la Faucille
  8. Learn to surf
  9. Learn to play the guitar
  10. Take a cooking class in Europe
  11. Take a drawing course
  12. Learn how to drive standard
  13. Plant a tree
  14. Pay off my student debt
  15. Grow a vegtable garden
  16. Attend the Olympic Games
  17. Raise and donate a sizeable amount to a worthy cause
  18. Write a book
  19. Snowboard in the Swiss Alps
  20. Make my own wine in Italy
  21. Skinny dip in a lake or ocean
  22. Attend a protest
  23. Write an open letter
  24. Scuba dive in the ocean
  25. Learn to play chess
  26. Solve a Rubix’s cube
  27. Go to an opera
  28. Mentor someone
  29. Volunteer more time than I have
  30. Find my passion.