Commitment is Scary

This week has been very exciting, but somewhat nerve-wracking as well.

I have been talking more and more to this family living in France on the Swiss border near Geneva.  On Wednesday I Skyped with the mother and it went really well!  I was nervous, but she was very kind and offered a lot of information about the life of an au pair in her family and the expectations on both sides.  I immediately got a gut impression that this was the perfect match!

The next day she expressed her continued interest in me and asked me to commit to starting in May!  I then got to Skype with the family’s previous au pair, Beth. She was very helpful and had great things to say about the family, and life living in the area. She confirmed that it a fantastic arrangement and that the family is genuine and kind.  I am getting so excited to start this adventure!

Also, to top it off, I’m FINISHED my thesis!!! wooohooo! Time to pack up and move out of my apartment.  France here I come!

I will be Skyping with the whole family tomorrow – meeting the father and the three children! I’m very nervous, I hope that they like me …

À la prochaine, bises.

2 thoughts on “Commitment is Scary

  1. Hi my name is Ariel!

    I’ve been looking into becoming an Au Pair after I finish my year abroad in Ireland since I would prefer to not leave Europe and was wondering if you could give me advice or point me in the right direction! I was hoping to stay in the UK since my French and Spanish isn’t very good! Also if there is anything I should know beforehand that might sway me into doing this or not!

    1. hey ariel! thanks for reading my blog! only speaking from my own experiences, I would definitely encourage you to look into some families and see if you find anyone interesting. Also location is a big deal- think about where you want to be (in London, away from the cities, a small town, the country, etc). Also don’t be afraid to venture out and try Spain of France, it’s a great way to learn a new language!
      You also need to look into whether you’ll have to return home to get a visa I order to stay in Europe – I know as a Canadian I had to be in Canada to get my visa.
      Anyways, ah pairing is a really great opportunity to travel, meet new people and learn a new language. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys kids and exploring new places.
      Hope this helps a little in your decision making – best of luck!!

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