Croatia: Zagreb, Plitvice, Split & Hvar

Ten days in Croatia allowed us to explore different areas of the country, including: the capital, Zagreb; the famous Plitvice National Parks; and the Dalmatian coastal city of Spit and Hvar Island. Each place offered unique food, views and excellent sightseeing.

Personally, my favourite part of Croatia was our day spent at Plitvice. I am still blown away by the colours of the water and trees we saw in the park. The water, extremely teal, screams to be jumped in. Unfortunately no swimming is allowed in order to preserve this natural treasure. Walking along the board walks across the lakes is incredibly stunning and is an invigorating experience. Around each bend is another, even more gorgeous -than-the-last water fall. Seven hours of walking go by very quickly when you are continually falling in love with the beauty of nature.

Just take a look at a few of the hundred-plus photos I took that day and see for yourself the beauty. Plitvice Lakes is named on a few of the “top ten places” to see in your life – and I DEFINITELY recommend going out of your way to be awed with the beauty.









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