Getting Adventuresome in Interlaken

From where I live in France I can’t go a day without a view of the Swiss Alps, even if I tried (although who would try to avoid seeing the Alps behind Lac Leman?!). Despite seeing the Alps from afar for 3 months, I hadn’t yet explored them with my feet. This all changed when Mel and I decided to do a weekend trip to Interlaken and the surrounding area. And what an incredible weekend it was!

We started out early leaving from France and arriving in Interlaken around noon. We had pre-booked an canyoning adventure that began at 130. Neither of us had ever done canyoning before, but we were excited for an active, adrenaline-filled, time. We were definitely not disappointed! Three hours in a gorge in the Alps near Interlaken, swinging from ropes, sliding down waterfalls and cliff jumping made for a perfect afternoon. And what better place to do this than in the beautiful Swiss Alps. Even while we were doing the adventure we often found ourselves stopping to take in the nature and appreciate how fortunate we were to be there.

If you’ve been to Interlaken you’ll probably agree with me by stating that is quite possibly the most beautiful place in Europe. And if you haven’t been, GO! It is breathtaking. You won’t be disappointed.

The following day we were greeted again by stunning views of the Alps. A short drive to Gadmen, Switzerland brought us to the Trift aerial cable car that took us way up into the mountains, many still snow covered. After a steep and tricky 90 minute hike we reached the famous Trift Bridge.

The Trift Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Europe, spanning 170 meters across lake Triftsee below at a height of 100 meters. Crossing the bridge is not for everyone, and takes some courage – but the views from the middle of the bridge of the glacier and the mountains are well worth it! Plan to bring a picnic with you as you will definitely work up an appetite! We took many photos of this experience, take a look:





Oh ya, and did I mention we’re on our way to Paris for the weekend? I’ll update soon – thanks for reading!

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