I’ll never rest till I’ve seen all I can see.

I did it! I got accepted into this amazing class. I heard back after my interview in June, but it still seems so surreal to me. Africa! I’m actually going!!

Over the past three months, I have dived head first into books and literature about Liberia. The country’s history is very complex and extremely unfortunate. My heart goes out to hundreds of thousands who fled as refugees, the hundreds of thousands who were internally displaced, and to every citizen, and Liberian around the world that undoubtedly has lost someone they cared about during the 14 years of civil war. It is truly a tragedy that unfortunately was not given the attention it deserved in order to stop the violence and killings sooner.

For the 8 students and a few instructors leading this course, tonight is really the beginning of our amazing experience. We will have an introductory dinner hosted by Dr. Reid, the former president of Wayne State. I’m excited to finally meet my classmates and have a better understanding of what we will be focusing our attention on while in Liberia. Our trip to Liberia is coming up very soon, in about 7 weeks.

This summer I have read two amazing memoirs pertaining to Liberia. The first was by the current female president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: This Child Will Be Great.  She embarks us on a great journey of strength and shares with her readers her struggles, triumphs, and acts of courage while achieving great respect from her fellow Liberians.

The second memoir, which was recommended by
our professor, Dr. Lean, gave me a different 

perspective on the turmoil this country went through. It is absolutely amazing, and a book

you can’t put down.  This first-person memoir by Helene Cooper is a must read The House at Sugar Beach.

I’m excited for tonight, and to begin on the experience of my life (so far)!  Check back soon to see what my classmates and I are up to.


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