Photos from Liberia

View of the Atlantic from our hotel restaurant, which we spent most of our nights relaxing and getting wifi.Lines at the opening of the polling station in Totoquellah. People got in line as early as 3 hours before polls opened.Hut in Totoquellah.
Amazing views as we were driving from Totoquellah to Gbarquoita to observe more polling.
Just stunning.
Again. I couldn't get enough of this drive.
Polling lines in Gbarquoita.
A hut in Bopolu.BopoluThe main road in Bopolu. The blue building ahead is the police station, and behind that is the UNMIL compound.
The sign for our guest house where we stayed for 5 days in Bopolu.
The room I stayed in at the Golden Inn in Bopolu, complete a fan for when the generator was on from 7pm to midnight, and buckets of water to shower with.
Standing outside the Golden Inn with the Kingston WhigStandard, in the rain, just before we head back to Monrovia for a nice hot shower and food!
Marcus, our driver, jumped out of the car and grab a machete to cut down a tree that had fallen across the road during the storm the night before.
Downtown Monrovia.Humphrey and I after arriving back in Monrovia. Couldn't have asked for a better observing partner!
A sign in the office of the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare. I got to interview the director of the Mental Health Division about the state of the country's mental health policies and what their goals to erase the stigmas towards mental health are.
A Liberian National Police officer guarding the NEC (National Election Commission) building while the NEC announced the preliminary results in a press conference 2 days after Election Day.
Again. Pretty intimidating.
The UN also protecting and guarding the NEC building while preliminary results were given.
Our departing dinner with the Carter Center was at Golden Beach. It was amazing to sit on the beach and relax with a glass of wine as the waves crashed in.
Nicole and I at Golden Beach. She was part of my class from Wayne State, but also got to observe with the Carter Center.
The view from the hotel that the Carter Center was based out of.
A walk around the Firestone plantation.
Kids at Firestone. They all wanted their picture taken.Kids at Firestone.
Getting water at Firestone.
These kids followed us as we walked around and wanted a photo.
This little girl was the cutest. She has a butterfly tattoo on her face.
Had to get a photo with this kid.
Humphrey and I at the UNMIL Compound in Bopolu with the local UN Election Committee.

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