Reading while Travelling

I read. I read a lot. I read fast. I read for comfort. I read for distraction. I read to learn. I read for fun. But I’m a picky reader; I only read certain mediums of text. I need to feel the paper between my fingers while I turn the page or ruffle the pages impatiently as I read the page quickly during a climatic moment. I need to be able to twist and bend the spine of the book and to write or underline words and phrases that make my heart flutter. And that is why I refuse to buy an eReader. It would take away my books and my favourite pastime: book shopping.

Bookstores are my favourite places, especially used bookstores. The smell, the quiet, the paper ruffling, other buyers browsing. Ah it’s a beautiful thing. Walking into a newly discovered store or into one of my favourites gets my heart racing, while at the same time clears my mind of any anxieties of the day. I get lost in bookstores, both physically and emotionally. But I often feel drained and slightly unsettled after leaving with a newly purchased book. The process of selecting just one, out of hundreds or thousands of titles is daunting. I want to read them all (mostly), but sadly I do not have the time nor the money for that.

I have read many blogs that suggest using an eReader while traveling due to their many benefits, including: light weight, takes up less space, download a new book right away once you finish, etc etc. And while I can appreciate these benefits, I can say personally throughout my four week tour of Central Europe I have read three novels in print, paperback form. And some of my favourite moments throughout my travels have been the time I’ve spent in bookstores looking for the next sets of pages and words to get lost in. Yes my bag is heavier than someone else who has a Kindle or something, but I get to turn my pages, not swipe to the left. And to me, that makes a world of difference.

Throughout this trip I’ve read:
1. Jeanette Walls’ “The Silver Star
2. Dave Eggers’ “The Circle
3. G. Willow Wilson’s “Alfi the Unseen

Thanks for reading my blog! Do you prefer paper books or eBooks? What are you reading right now?

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  1. I completely agree. I couldn’t convert to eReader, because I love a real book. Something about the pages and the smell and what it feels like to close it when you’ve finished. I also travel with a paperback in my purse and find that when I am finished I can usually trade it for another at a hostel.

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