Settling in and Exploring

Time has flown by since I have arrived at the Geneva airport early Saturday morning. Arriving to a big hug from my host mom and stopping at a real French bakery on the way home for a fresh baguette definitely got me “off on the right foot”.

After five days with the family I have begun to settle into a pretty easy going routine starting at 7 am: – driving kids to school – walking the dog – nap/watching tv – lunch – go explore a near by town – pick up kids – homework time – dinner – relax and bed

Despite enjoying relatively relaxed days (compared to university life of classes, teaching, studying and hockey) I am exhausted by 930 and head to my room to catch as many zzz’s as possible.

Yesterday, Griffin (the dog) took a walk down to the pond. It was absolutely serene and beautiful. I plan to bring a book and lunch down here once the weather gets warmer! Here are a few photos:



Yesterday I also spent the afternoon walking around a beautiful city called Nyon in Switzerland. It is about a quarter of the way up Lake Geneva (Lac Leman). There is a wonder castle, and I also stopped into a bakery to enjoy my first pain au chocolate. C’était délicieux !!! This city is absolutely stunning – I can’t wait to return!

image imageimage
À la prochaine, bises.

3 thoughts on “Settling in and Exploring

  1. Your family sound so lovely, this blog is so cute! Would love for you to tell us what you find hard as well as what you like in your next blog, K x

    1. Thanks! They are very lovely – the parents are welcomed home each evening by kisses from all three kids! Too precious. Thanks for blog promt – good idea!

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