[Still] waiting

Hi readers,

I am still waiting for my documents to be sent form France to the French Consulate in Toronto in order to get my visa approved. I have no idea why it is taking so long for the mail to be sent, is this a french thing?lol. But, unfortunately  I am not even able to book ,y flight because I’m not sure how much longer this process will take. It is quite frustrating – as I want to get to France and begin this journey!!

My appointment with the consulate in Toronto went well considering I didn’t have all the necessary documents.  I drove up to Muskoka to visit with my grandmother for a few days. We had a great time visiting and explored some of the nearby waterfalls.  There is just something astonishing and breathtaking about rushing water.


There were also amazing views on my drive home. It was a beautiful, sunny day so I decided to take the ‘scenic route’.  I also drove by the house I grew up in and my old neighbourhood. It was a very nostalgic drive.  


Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to. So for now, I’ll just be  [still] waiting for the documents and the visa to get processed before I can officially be an au pair!

À la prochaine, bises.

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  1. What documents were you missing? I just sent my documents to my host family which will be taken to the DIRECTEE. Also, how long did it take to be approved? I’m going to paris in august!

    1. I hadn’t yet received the copy of the stamped contract from the DIRECTEE when I was in Toronto for my appointment – but I emailed them a copy of it when it arrived and they aproved my visa the next day. Takes about 7-10 days after your appointment for them to process the visa. Do you have an appointment yet?

      1. No I don’t because I didn’t want to book it until I had my stamped contract, but I didn’t know that I could do that! I just looked at the booking dates and they didn’t have any available times right now :/ You’re in Paris now?

        1. Yea, there was a long wait. If you sent off your documents recently, to be safe I would’t book any earlier than 3-4 weeks from now. You have time since you’re not leaving until august. I’m actually on the other side of France, on the border of Switzerland, near Geneva.

          1. Yeah, i literally just sent them to m y host family yesterday so they will take a week to even get to france. I think I will go ahead and book my flights though because they are only going to rise in price throughout the summer.
            I’ll just continue to look at the site each day to see if there are openings.

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