The Count Down is On!

Well, after my amazing experiences in Liberia with the African Democracy Project, it was clear that I couldn’t get enough of qualitative research in developing countries.  I jumped on the first opportunity that came my way to do more research and international travel. My professor who fearlessly guided us through Liberia was offering a course which focuses on the development of democracy and qualitative research methods through collective study of the struggle for democratic development in Mexico. Aswell, with the added bonus of spending one week in Mexico City and another in Oaxaca at the end of the semester!  So I latched on, and in less than 3 weeks, myself, Dr. Lean, and 11 other students will be flying off to the hotter neighbor of America.

All of my peers in the class are studying unique aspects of Mexico which relate to its progress in democracy.  I have chosen to look at the question of accountability of state institutions, specifically the relationship between Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (Commission Nationale Des Droits de l’Homme – CNDH) and other state institutions to promote and ensure accountability of human rights abuses in the country.  The twelve of us students have been working hard to research our very narrow and specific research questions before arriving in Mexico to put to test the qualitative research skills we’ve been studying by dissecting Luker’s book on the art of qualitative research.

I can hardly wait for all the amazing experiences and memories I will have while in Mexico and It will be a great way to finish up my four years at Wayne State! Only a few days after landing back in Detroit, I will be graduating with family and friends. Look for more posts to come in the lead up to our departure on the 21st and all the updates while I’m in the field trying to uncover the nitty-gritty of the lack of enforcement of human right abuses.

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