T’was the night before.. Liberia

As the hours fall off before we depart for Liberia, I am filled with many emotions. Curiosity, nervousness, excitement, impatience, hopefulness, optimism and eagerness are only a few. I am very excited and nervousness of the unknown about participating in the Carter Center’s election observation. I am looking forward to being deployed somewhere in the country, and getting a different and more rural (hopefully) experience of Liberia. I look forward to meeting the people of Liberia, and immersing myself in their culture. I am fascinated with the mental health issues as a result of the civil war and how the government, NGO’s and international groups are helping, or not helping, the progress of mental health care in the country and the stigmas that surround it in Liberia. I’m hoping it will be everything and more that I’m expecting!

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