Would you like some ice cream with your cake?

What a successful day yesterday was!

I took a chance and drove to Toronto to see if my visa and passport were ready to be picked up – I had gotten an email saying that my visa had been approved but not necessarily that I could come pick it up. BUT I couldn’t (read: wouldn’t) wait any longer so I drove three hours on a whim of a chance that I’d get it.

I played dumb, was let into the office and after everyone who was actually suppose to be there for visa appointments were seen it was my turn. The lady working was very nice and completed the visa for me! I almost sprinted out of there in fear that they’d change their mind! ha

So finally – after about 6 weeks I have my visa in my passport and I am able to go begin this journey in France!

On my way home from Toronto I stopped in at my cousins’ to visit with them for a couple of hours and also got to spend some time with my Nanna. We all went out for dinner to eat at a Chinese buffet. I’m so glad that I had the chance to see them all one last time before I leave for a year.

It was a very successful but long day – the hour drive from Stirling to Kingston seemed to take forever and all I could think about was my bed. But once I arrived home I told Mom and Dad all about my day and they were equally as excited for me as I was. They also had a surprise for me – a graduation gift. I was completely shocked to open up an iPadAir!! This was the icing on top of an amazing day!

Oh and the scoop of ice cream on the side – I booked my flight and leave in 5 days!! I guess sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you can have you cake and eat it too 🙂

I’m feeling truly blessed that everything has come together and that this time next week I’ll be settling-in into my new life for the next year!

But first, for my last weekend at home – we heading downtown to take in the market and do some shopping. I only wish my brother was here so I could see him before I leave as well.

À la prochaine, bises.

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